Since May 2017 I'm working in Boulder Media Studio as Character Design artist for an Hasbro animated series. I worked in Rainbow Animation Studio too as Character design artist, 
Props design artist and Storyboard Supervisor for "World of Winx" (1st and 2nd season) and "Regal Academy"(1st and 2nd season) series. 
In 2014 I collaborated with Stranemani International 
as Storyboard artist for "Carotina Super Bip" series. 
In 2013 I worked on "Mini Ninjas" series as Clean-up 
and Background Artist for Enarmonia Pictures. 
Below my blog's web address and my Facebook page, 
where you can view some of my work: 

- pande-pandemonio.blogspot.it 
 - www.facebook.com/Art-of-Nunzio-Cafagna

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